Who is Paula Nichole

Paula Nichole Goode is a Certified Transformation Coach, focused on supporting women who have dealt with dysfunctional relationships, divorce, are navigating post-narcissistic abuse and those who desire to heal from their past.

She works with them to transform their lives and embody their feminine essence so they can move forward and begin living their abundant life.

As a nurse, Paula would often experience a momentary deep connection with people that would stay for a lifetime.  Through her nursing education and experience, she developed a deep understanding for the person as a whole. The most meaningful part of her nursing career was helping others get to a better place in their life.

After 20 years of professional experience in a variety of nursing specialties, she was able to discover a more empowering way to help women as they navigate through life. Her life experiences have given her a unique wisdom to help others move from a place of surviving to a place of thriving, as they work through obstacles such as divorce, past trauma, narcissistic abuse, low-confidence, fear, and feeling like they are stuck in life.

Her ultimate goal is to guide you through a healing process as you shift, evolve, and transfom to live authentically, transform your life and begin to live the abundant life you desire.

I used to feel like I was never seen or heard.  I felt like my voice carried no weight, so I didn’t use it.  My self-esteem was limited and I found confidence only in my professional life. I was the “good girl” who married my college sweetheart, with a big beautiful wedding. I was living the American dream with the house, two beautiful children with the family pets! It looked picture perfect …to everyone else.

I ended up divorced, broke, alone and struggling to balance single-motherhood and a professional career and a side job. When I thought I was moving forward from a failed marriage, I soon found myself with the daunting task of trying to recover from narcissistic abuse. Stress, anxiety and self-doubt became a normal part of my life. I lost sight of my goals and focused on just getting through each day. I felt like I had no one to turn to who could understand the chaos I was experiencing within myself. I was so disconnected and I was so unhappy I began to hate my life. My only joy was the time spent with my daughters.

Overtime, I slowly built a tribe of loving and supportive people . I took the time to understand the effects of narcissistic abuse, and gain a deeper understanding of how my past affected my present life. I discovered my voice through acts of self-love and became more authentic as I discovered my true identity within. I began on a path of emotional healing and spiritual alignment. My confidence was restored and my perception of my self-worth changed for the better. I was ultimately led to use my gifts to help others by guiding them through the process I used to live a more fulfilled life.

I am now a Certified Transformation Coach. I use proven strategies in my coaching methods to help people who are feeling stuck in life, become more authentic with themselves by helping them shift their mindset, heal from the past through transformational coaching.

do any of these describe you?


Have you recently gone through a divorce or a difficult break-up?


Do you often run from commitment?


Do you feel alone or isolated and have difficulty making meaningful connections?


Do feel like you are not enough?


Do you struggle with self-confidence and you tend to doubt yourself?


Do you feel stuck in life and can’t figure out how to move forward?


Are you reluctant to set boundaries with others?


Do situations from the past keep coming up over and over again?

It’s Time to Rewrite

Emotional trauma and difficult situations create limiting thoughts in our subconscious mind.  These thoughts create actions and the actions lead to the same cycle of behavior that play out time and time again in our lives. When you work through your trauma, you will find yourself making different decisions in your life.

What story have you been telling yourself? What new story do you want to create for yourself? Taking the step to REWRITE your story is a BOLD step to get yourself on the path to create the life you desire. Your past does not have to be your future.  Healing will put you on a different life path so you can live an ABUNDANT life!

Healing will put you on a different life path so you can live an ABUNDANT life!

What you can expect when you work with Paula

Paula takes you through a step by step process that focuses on healing through mindset transformation.  We address limiting beliefs, work to understand how your past has played a role in your present life and shift your mindset. You will become more aware of your strengths and passions. You will begin to love yourself in different ways and strengthen your confidence. Your relationships with others will begin to improve. Paula’s one-on-one coaching programs are life changing and tailored to your specific needs. You will receive emotional support and compassion during your entire journey as you evolve and learn new life strategies. Change is often difficult but, the rewards are priceless

Ask yourself…How committed are you to improving your life?


It’s time to get out of your own way and live a


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